Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Repost. Originally posted Feb-24-2006.

OK. Can I just tell you? I'm kind of annoyed right about now. I'm on a mailing list for The Learning Annex, which has many good self help courses on business, real estate, how to publish your first book, etc. But it also has a lot of psychic/New Age stuff too. So I open an mail from them and I get some invitation to a class being taught by some Dr. David Morehouse guy, on "remote viewing". I know enough about remote viewing to know what it is. Remote viewing is essentially a form of astral projection, essentially stepping outside your body in a sense, to see things far away you couldn't normally see in the natural physical realm. And yes, its very demonic. Then again, a lot of demonic stuff is now going mainstream. For those who think Dr. Morehouse's stuff is all benign, and not spooky/"spiritual", keep in mind he's also the author of a book called "Psychic Warrior". Enough said.

When I signed up to be on these people's mailing list, I didn't sign up to receive all kinds of New Age/psychic/paranormal garbage. These people are doing the devil's work without even know ing it. I think of all the curious people who will sign up for this man's class and get sucked into something that's so much more powerful than they even understand. Very sad. The Devil is busy, people. I'm reminded of it every day.

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