Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Creeping Toward World Government

The Council on Foreign Relations is promoting a new report called Building a North American Community. If that has a familiar ring to it, just think of the words "European Community", and remember what that led to. First there was the European Community, which became the European Common Market, which later became the European Union, which is on it's way to becoming a superstate and a superpower in its own right.

Their report is available online. Interestingly it proposes on single passport for North American nations, and has other proposals dealing with security, military cooperation, labor and trade, education, mutual economic development, and more. Cooperation and integration are the name of the game, and the European Union (EU) pattern clearly seems to be something they had in mind when they put this togeher. This is the same EU whose leaders have gone on record as saying they see today's EU as a revival of the old Roman Empire. We're on the way to the New World Order. The books of Daniel and Revelation talk about this. People need to wake up and see what's happening.

First NAFTA, then the Free Trade Area of the Americas, now the North American Community? I'ts clear that there are people above us who have a clear direction of where they want this thing to go. Where is this all heading? And when one keeps in mind the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and other regional groups, and it's becoming clearer and clearer that the world is moving from nationalism to regionalism. I expect a North American Community to become like the EU eventually. I look for a regional bloc to develop in South America too, as well as other regional blocs around the world. Just one more step toward world government.

Deanna Spingola has a good commentary on the North American Community here. Clearly she feels the powers that be are "selling America". And I think she's right.

Skeptics might say this is just some fundamentalist "one world government" conspiracy babble, with no basis in fact. Skeptics will always be skeptics, so we cant let that deter us. Keep in mind though a quote from a EU/UN report called "The New World Order After September 11" : "We could order the world on the basis of existing regional cooperation organizations: the European Union, ASEAN, Mercosur, NAFTA, the African Union, the Arab League and SAARC in southern Asia. In this context, we should also include countries like China, Russia and Japan, and the whole of Oceania. We need to take a first step down the path towards a global form of federalism, a structure where the reality of an increasingly interactive world is finally made a political reality too. In fact, a structure of this kind was already planned when the United Nations was created in 1945, but was never implemented after the Cold War."

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