Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Hypocrisy of The American Left

Repost. Originally posted Feb-28-2006

So the liberal media and the left in general is all worked up over the Muslim cartoons shown recently in European newspaper. They say it was an unneccesary provocation. And frankly, I agree. (Not that anything justifies the hundreds fo people killed and injured worlwide because of it.)

However, why wasn't the left get similarly perturbed when Andres Serrano was touring the art world with his vile P--- Christ photograph, which showed a crucifix sumberged in his urine? When Christians got all worked up about that, leftists in media, academia, and politics, came to his defense, citing "artistic freedom". In their eyes, Christians just had to set aside their religious sensibilities in the name of freedom of expression.

Interesting. If an artist were to show a Koran, or a picture of Mohammed, submerged in urine, you'd better believe we'd have similar protests worldwide too, along with numerous death threats (and dead bodies lying in the streets before long). And predictably, the leftists would chastise any such "artist" for "unneccesarily provoking" the Mulsim world and "disrespecting the Muslim religion". Just seems to me that if you want to disrespect a religion today, there's only one religion you can blaspheme against get away with it with no problem: and that is Christianity.

I notice that many liberals, even the non-religious ones, will bend over backward to protect and defend Islam for some reason - while their criticisms, of "religious intolerance", for example, are usually reserved for Christianity. I wonder how much of this is because deep down, they know they dont have to worry about Christians acting as sucide bombers, or burning their buildings down when they insult us. Methinks their "respect" of Islam has a lot to do with fear of Islam. Don't think so? Maybe you haven't been looking closely enough. Peace.

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