Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The Bible talks about religious leaders who are "wolves in sheeps clothing", and the apostle Paul talked about the Devils mininsters presenting themselves as "ministers of righteousness" just as Satan himself likes to pretend to be an "angel of light". Over the years I've seen quite a few ministers who fit the bill all too well. One such person is John Shelby Spong.

For over 30 years now he has been writing, teaching and lecturing with an evangelistic zeal across America and the world. But this Episcopal Bishop's message is one very different from that found in the New Testament . One of his most popular books is entitled: "Why Christianity Must Change or Die". He doesn't believe in the virgin birth, nor the literal resurrection of Christ, the doctrines of original sin, salvation through Christ alone, or that the Bible is a fixed standard by which people should live their lives today. Of course, he is in favor of homosexual marriage.

His views are so blatantly contrary to the Bible and orthodox Church beliefs that one wonders why he even bothers identifying himself as a Christian at all! He is essentially a secular humanist who prefers to wrap himself in the cloth of religiosity, since this of course gives him access to the very church circles in which he can spread his poisonous teachings. The fact that this man is a highly sought after speaker is just another sign of the times we live in.

There's no question in my mind that this man is just another one of Lucifer's false prophets of these last days, sent to undermine traditional Christian faith and values at every opportunity. Jesus taught that there would be people like this. And He said we'd be able to identify them with relative ease: "by their fruits ye shall know them". The Bible speaks clearly of a time when there will be a "great falling away", or apostasy in the Church. One day we'll all look back and clearly see that "Bishop" Spong was one of the many (mis)leaders who helped to bring it to pass.

William Witt has a good article on him here, an article which also deals with what is the major division in Christian thought today, namely, the constitutive vs. illustrative views of Jesus' ministry and Christianity itself. Its a division and a debate that is already causing many churches to compromise; and it's all paving the way for the coming One World Religion.

Robert Meyer also has an article on him entitled Bishop John Shelby Spong: Soaking Up False Theology.

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