Saturday, June 16, 2007

Are they just ignorant, or deceitful, or both??

In reading up on the Pat Buchanan quote I just posted about in my previous article, I see that People for the American Way, in their "Right Wing Watch" website, refer to the North American Union as "mythical" . The quote: "Previously, Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Virginia) made the connection between the current immigration bill and the mythical “North American Union” plot."

So to them its a mythical plot. OK, fine. Then in another article they mock the idea further by attempting to marginalize it as just a silly right wing "plot". I couldnt help but wonder, are they just clueless and ignorant to what's happening on this issue, or are they just deceiving their readers about the true nature of the North American Union? And this goes for the mainstream media as a whole. Apart from Lou Dobbs of CNN, almost nobody in the media is really talking about this.

If People for the American Way had bothered to do any research at all, they would see that the Council of Foreign Relations, hardly a bastion of right wing thought, is strongly pushing the idea, as are many leftists and liberals. I cant help but think that there's a certain level of deception here, which goes something like this: "let's just sweep the issue under the rug as long as we can; by the time the American people see whats really going on, it'll be too late to stop it anyway!"

I wonder what PFAW and others will say when the North American Union actually materializes? I guess they'll just hope that by then we'll forget everything they're saying now.

Meanwhile, the American sheeple continue to sleep.

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