Friday, July 20, 2007

Thanks, Slate Magazine!!

While checking out the blog's statistics yesterday, I noticed a sizeable jump in the number of visitors over the past week. After checking out my website logs (thanks Statcounter) I noticed the majority of the newcomers had stopped by after reading an article on that mentioned this blog. The article, entitled "Are You There, God ? It's Me, Hilary" made reference to my criticism of how the Democrats seem to have "found religion" for the 2008 campaign. The quote from Slate magazine:

Christian conservative Terry F. at The Endtime Observer sees nothing but cynicism and calculation in the Dems' divine tilt: "I'm sure they'll fool many people with this newfound emphasis on faith and values. But to me its a cynical attempt to appeal to people of faith by pretending to share similar values with them. They realize that the faith and values issue was a key to them losing to the Republicans in the 2004 presidential elections (according to to exit polling), so they've decided to have a more inclusive faith strategy going forward."

Yes, the article did bring a smile to my face. Its the first time the blog has gotten mentioned on what would be considered a mainstream website. Always feels good to have more people paying attention to what you're saying.

To all the new visitors, welcome. Feel free to bookmark us, look around, and come back again sometime. Those savvy in RSS can subscribe to this blog and receive updates automatically whenever new articles are added to the blog.

Those not familiar how to subscribe to a blog by RSS can check out the easy directions "TheMacdaddy" gives on his blog here.

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