Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts. Just Random Thoughts...

Havent posted online for a little while, but I've had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head the last couple of weeks.... such as:

If you have to be better-than-good to get a prime-time television spot, and if TV time is so precious and expensive, and as we’re often told, why does MSNBC’s Keith Olberman still have a show on TV ?

Actually, I wonder the same thing about Larry King sometimes.

Then again, we live in a culture where more people know who Paris Hilton is, than who Hugo Chavez is. So maybe nothing should surprise me. (Hugo Chavez, by the way, is the Venezuelan president/dictator. But you knew that, of course.)

Interestingly, defenders of Hugo Chavez like to remind us that he was “democratically elected” as leader of his country. Then again, so was Adolf Hitler, so maybe that’s not saying much.

I wonder if the media will ever admit that Bush was right when he made that "Axis of Evil" comment about Iraq, (nuclear) North Korea, and (soon to be nuclear) Iran? Say what you will about Bush’s handling of certain issues, but the fact is, the man really “gets it” when it comes to understanding the security dangers we, as a nation, face. And the fact is, too many of his critics really don’t really get it at all. Maybe after the next terrorist attack they will.

Iran’s president is not just a maniac driven by hatred of Israel and the West. He’s driven also by his adherence to the doctrine of the 12th Imam, a key teaching in Shiite Islam, with apocalyptic implications. Why don’t the media report on this angle? Nuclear weapons in the hands of a fundamentalist maniac who thinks he’s doing Allah’s will… coming soon. The way things look now, it’s not a question of “if” Iran will go nuclear; it’s a question of “when”

Lou Dobbs of CNN should win an award for his coverage of the illegal immigration issue. But of course, he probably won’t.

After all that blather and bluster of not too long ago, (nuclear) North Korea has gotten rather quiet lately, in case you haven’t noticed. Makes me wonder what they’re up to.

Iran is a supporter of terrorism (see Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad). Iran is nuclear-capable. What happens if Iran passes off a few containers of nuclear materials to these terrorist groups it supports? The possibilities are scary, to say the least. But Michael Moore thinks “there is no war on terror”, and John Edwards says the war on terror is simply a “bumper sticker”.

But of course, some liberals don’t even like the use the term terrorist. "Too judgmental", they say. Such a position is so amazingly stupid, it’s just breathtaking.

Why is it that in some oil-producing nations, their people have a good standard of living (Kuwait, for example) , while in others like Nigeria and Mexico, poverty is so widespread?

And on that note, why don’t people pay attention to the fact that illegal immigration into the U.S. is a convenient way for Mexico to be accountable for the way it has failed its own people economically? After all, it’s not the Mexican nurses, accountants, and other professionals who are coming over here in droves. It’s the desperately and hopelessly poor of Mexico, of which there are many. Mexico’s corruption and mismanagement of its economy is something you don’t hear discussed very often. I wonder why?

Mexico doesn’t want us to block their people who attempt to cross our border with them. But at the same time they have armed border guards preventing Nicaraguans from crossing the Nicaragua/Mexico border. The word quickly “hypocrisy” comes to mind here, but maybe that’s just me.

Is American on its way to becoming a bilingual nation (English/Spanish) they way Canada is (English/French)? I wonder sometimes. Anyway...

(Random thoughts. Just some random thoughts…). Thanks for stopping by.

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