Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton meeting wanting a 'new world order' 1984

I hope someone brings this up during the 2008 election season. Hillary Clinton is a blatant proponent of world government. It's been documented in several books, and here on video, that she was a vocal supporter of the World Federalist Association, now known as Citizens For Global Solutions , an organization that strongly proposes world government.

Does American want someone like this to be president? I want to see if one reporter anywhere will ask her about this meeting, and this video.

Interestingly, the group's website has taken on a softer tone than it has in the past. But I, for one, am not fooled!! I've been to their website many times over the years. They're trying to tone down the more radical-sounding rhetoric to make them more acceptable to the mainstream. But the fact is, they are wolves in sheeps' clothing, as are so many others in the World Government movement.


Mana said...

You write very well.

The Observer said...

Thank you, mana :O)