Saturday, September 15, 2007

Universal Health Care? Hmm...Not So Fast

I've recently been becoming a pretty strong proponent of some form of nationalized health care coming into being here in America. It seemed like maybe it' s just an idea whose time has come. All the Democrat candidates for president are pledging to bring in national health care if they get into power, which seems likely right now. Hillary Clinton, in particular, has long been a major proponent of government-run health care. This is going to be a key issue of discussion during the 2008 campaign, so I'm sure we'll be hearing much more on this issue.

But now I'm not so sure. John Stossel of "20/20" had a powerful 1 hr special on ABC last night called "Whose Body is It Anyway?"that really made me think. The promo is available on Youtube. Stossel interviews Michael Moore, and picks apart key assertions from Moore's documentary "Sicko". Moore has been known for distorting the truth in his documentaries, so its no surprise that pretty soon we see that he's don the same thing in "Sicko" too. I'm convinced that those who advocate socialized medicine have not been telling us the whole story; and make no mistake, there is another side to the story that needs to be told. .

The ABC special is something I wish every American could see before deciding on nationalized health care. Our system now is far from perfect, but it still might be better than what the proponents of socialized health care want to change it to. We as Americans had better make the right choice, because if we change it to a government run plan, theres no turning back. And that might not be a good thing.

The promo video is below.

And by the way, those who keep telling us how wonderful Cuba is, with their "free health care", might want to check out this site:

Robert Bazell of NBC has another persepective on the issue here: "Deciding Who Lives And Who Dies"

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