Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saddam Lied About WMD's Article: Agent: Saddam made world think he had WMDs

This is one of the most underreported stories of the year. Its been out for a few weeks now, but now the news media is finally giving it some attention (although probably not as much as it deserves).

Bottom line. Saddam didnt have weapons of mass destruction, but he wanted everyone to think so. He never expected the US to innvade. In a case of political brinksanship gone very bad, the US did invade and Saddam's miscalculation was costly -- to him, and to many others too.

Why is this a big story? It indicates what many of us have felt all along -- that President Bush has been unfairly maligned all along for his decision to go to war with Iraq. This seriously undermines the far left's position for all these years. Bush didn't lie to get us into a war for oil, or so he could control the Middle east, etc. He went because we had good reason to believe there were WMDs in Iraq. And now it turns out Saddam himself has said he worked hard to make everyone think he had them.

This is a measure of vindication for our President and all those who felt like he made the correct decision then, based on the information we had at that time. This is good news, in a sense, a good day for truth. Too bad that bad news spreads fast, and good news spreads slowly. The damage has already been done. America's reputation, and George Bush's reputation have taken a hit because of all this.

But sometimes its better for the truth to come out late, than never at all.

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