Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Dream Ticket?

An interesting new development here...
Hillary Clinton is indicating some kind of "dream ticket" between herself and Obama. If that happens, I don't think McCain & the Republicans stand a chance in November.

I think McCain cold beat Hillary with "someone else" on the ticket... because she has a lot of negatives. And McCain could beat Obama with "someone else" on the ticket... because he is relatively inexperienced, especially on foreign policy & security issues.

But if you have a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket. their negatives wont matter that much. Their positives would overcome anything McCain could bring to the table. I think they'd have a lock on the enough of the women, blacks, Hispanics, and white liberal voting blocs that they'd be practically shoo-in. It seemed there was enough bad blood between them that either of them who won the nomination would not choose the other as running mate. But now, they might simply decide to bury the hatchet , form a "dream ticket" and make sure the Democrats win. I'm sure this is the last thing the Republicans wanted.

At this point, Obama has the lead in delegates. It is almost mathematically impossible for Clinton to overtake him in delegates. So the nomination will be decided by the "superdelegates" at the upcoming Democratic convention. Even if Obama goes into the convention with the lead, it doesn't guarantee that he'll be given the nomination. A lot of this has to do with momentum. By Hillary Clinton winning Texas and Ohio last night, she has regained the political momentum. She's also expected to win Pennsylvania and New York, two other big states coming up. Voters are beginning to rethink Obama as being experienced enough to have the keys to the white house; buyers remorse is beginning to set in. Most of the superdelegates are still uncommitted, and if Clinton wins enough states going into the convention, she'll have all the momentum. We could easily see a scenario where the superdelegates then tip over to Clinton's side, especially if they're convinces she'll make Obama her VP running mate anyway.

Interestingly, even Fidel Castro seems to think it makes sense.

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