Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Damaged Goods?

The Democrat's seemingly unstoppable march to victory in this November's presidential election isn't looking as unstoppable at it seemed just 6-12 months ago. Barack Obama seems to be almost certain to win the nomination, but has the long, bruising campaign against Hillary Clinton may have damaged him to the point that a John McCain victory this November is now increasingly possible.

Great article here from Peter Wehner of Commentary Magazine.

Last night was an almost perfect outcome for the GOP. Hillary Clinton won by a wide enough margin to keep her in the hunt, infuse her campaign with much-needed cash, and keep super-delegates from breaking en masse to Obama. But the results by themselves are not enough to change–at least not yet–the eventual outcome. Barack Obama will probably still win the nomination. But he is looking far less formidable than he did even six weeks ago....

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