Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust

AFRICA'S FORGOTTEN WAR -- the longest war of the 20th Century -- is still in progress. Since 1955 the Muslim Arab Nation has been attacking the Christian Black South. This war has recently intensified with systematic, terror-bombing campaigns to civilian centers -- hospitals, school and churches.

SUDAN: THE HIDDEN HOLOCAUST is a powerful documentary, based on the best selling book "Faith Under Fire in Sudan" by Dr. Peter Hammond. Carefully crafted and taken from over a hundred hours of video and file footage, this "Persecution Project" video takes you into the frontlines and behind the enemy lines of this colossal conflict which has already cost over 2 million lives.

Shocking, invaluable and inspiring, this informative video exposes the resurgence of slave trading and the international terrorism of the radical Islamic government of Sudan (the largest country in Africa), unveils the vicious scorched earth campaign and the abuse of relief aid by the UN, and tells the moving story of courageous Christians standing firm -- and island of Christianity in a sea of Islam -- who are resisting Jihad (Holy War) on the frontline of the battle for faith and freedom.

You will find this unforgettable film invaluable in informing, inspiring and involving your friends, family and congregation in this momentous fight for faith and freedom.

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