Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why Obama Cant Close The Sale

It's a Democratic year... or so we're told. Oil and gas prices hit all time highs this year. George Bush is highly unpopular. The economy is in a funk. The Republican brand is badly tarnished. So why is this election still so close? Why isnt Barack Obama leading by 12-15 points at this point?

The Wall Street Journal takes up the question in their well-written article: Why Obama Can't Close The Sale .

"Even before John McCain shook up the presidential race by tapping Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, polls weren't showing the late-August lead that Barack Obama (and many Republicans) expected. Why so?

It's not because of the brilliance of the McCain campaign. Rather we believe that -- despite the media's best efforts to exempt Mr. Obama's policies from critical examination -- American voters aren't sheep. They pay attention to the candidates and positions and make wise decisions about who should lead the country.

True, Mr. Obama enjoys several advantages. Republicans are struggling nationwide in head-to-head contests. Democrats lead in voter registration, and have a well-funded presidential candidate.

Yet Americans have not committed to Mr. Obama. Why?"...

Full article here.

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