Friday, March 20, 2009

Out of Wedlock Births reach 40% in US

The out of wedlock birthrate has long been a key social indicator, since it's been proven that kids born out of wedlock are statistically:

more likely to drop out of high school
more likely to become pregnant as teenagers
more likely to grow up under economic hardship
more likely to become juvenile delinquents
more likely to go to prison
more likely to have kids out of wedlock themselves... etc etc.

On another level, the unwed birth rate is also a spiritual indicator, since it's an indication of how much Americans are now discarding traditional marriage and traditional values in general.

So the word comes from the Centers for Disease control that the America's unwed birth rate has now reached 40%. This is a big deal on many levels. If anyone thinks that's not a shocking number, consider this: in 1998 the rate was 32%, in 1980 it was 18.4%. and in 1960 it was 5.3 percent! (Source: CDC Document )

I only expect the rate to keep going higher, and I believe the social and spiritual impact on our nation is simply incalculable.

Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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