Monday, May 04, 2009

Democrats See Opportunity as Acceptance of Gay Marriage Grows

As the Democrats have developed a clear political advantage on the gay marriage issue, and many Republicans now seem to be reconsidering their hard stance regarding it. No surprise here. I think anyone who's been paying attention could have seen this coming.
In the end, Republicans may, and probably will, one day accept gay marriage. Society as a whole (and even many churches) seems to be on the way toward accepting it also. But God has never approved of it and never will. And true Christians never will either.

Article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (excerpt here):

Associated Press Writer

Gay marriage legalization in several states and the public's growing acceptance of same-sex unions have Democrats sensing political opportunity and some Republicans re-evaluating their party's hard-line opposition to an issue that long has rallied its base.

In recent weeks, Vermont and Iowa have legalized same-sex marriage, while New York, Maine and New Hampshire have taken steps in that direction. Polls show younger Americans are far are more tolerant on the issue than are older generations. For now at least, the public is much more focused on the troubled economy and two wars than on social issues.

In addition, over the past decade, public acceptance of gay marriage has changed dramatically.

A Quinnipiac University poll released last week found that a majority of people questioned, by a 55-38 percent margin, oppose gay marriage. But it also found that people, by a 57-38 percent margin, support civil unions that would provide marriage-like rights for same-sex couples, indicating a shift toward more acceptance.

With congressional elections next year, Republicans, Democrats and nonpartisan analysts say the changes benefit Democrats, whose bedrock liberals favor gay unions, and disadvantage Republicans, whose conservative base insists that marriage be solely between a man and a woman.

"This is not a sea change. This is a tide that is slowly rising in favor of gay marriage," creating a favorable political situation for Democrats and ever-more difficulty for Republicans, said David McCuan, a political scientist at Sonoma State University in California.

full article here.

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