Sunday, July 26, 2009

Video: The Greatest Story Ever Mistold

This Youtube video deals with some of the lies in the internet film Zeitgeist. In "The Greatest Story Ever Told", part one of the film, it proceeds o supposedly reveal the true origins of Christianity. The film is alreadyb being hailed as "revealing", breathtaking, and revelatory by those who've been taken in by it's lies. However, the film is full of half-truths and outright lies, all put together to deceive.

The film is just one of many demonic endtime deceptions the bible warns us about. Christians realy need to become at leat somewhat familiar with these types of anti-Christian arguments, so as to be prepared to respond to them. The devil is looking to undermine Christianity at the most fundamental level -- that is, to make Christianity seem to be just a concocted faith, pieced together by a group of men borrowing from previously existing faith traditions. Are there some who will be deceived by this type of lie? Of course. Many already have. But woe to them if they let themselves be deceived by the lie of the enemy.

This Youtube video above exposes the lies in the internet film Zeitgeist.

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