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Time For The Amero?

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The post-George W. Bush world is a geopolitical power vacuum where, for a short period of time, America has a Macy’s perfume model as President going around with sweet little spritzes of kindness in hopes of closing the deal towards eternal world peace and prosperity. It’s not going to work. And this kind of diplomacy stinks because savvy world leaders know it’s entirely disingenuous. Change you can deceive in is all that’s going on here.

Let’s talk about real change, dramatic, game-changing change on a level no one understands, including me: The establishment of a North American Union, a super-nation comprised of Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico all acting with one international interest and one unified currency: The Amero.

For as long as I can remember the dollar’s either been in trouble or strong. While I was bartending at one of New York’s most famous Italian restaurants during the 90’s, I could tell whose money was strong at the moment based on my customers. It’s as if everyone in Japan would visit at the same time, spending freely and having a blast. Then they would disappear and the English would suddenly be in town.

This trend always reverses, as well. There was a time in the mid-90’s where England was so cheap to visit Bengali bus boys would go there for weekend shopping visits. My wife and I visited Japan in the late 90’s and enjoyed a huge money advantage. I also went to Amsterdam before they stopped using gilders — and then came the Euro, followed by Saddam Hussein’s switch from accepting Dollars to Euros for oil. After that, 9-11. Nothing’s been the same since.

The events that led up to 9-11 are much more about geopolitical battle lines than radical Islam vs. the civilized world. Islamic terrorists are without a doubt the tool of a far-reaching, clandestine war being waged on American interests around the globe, and Iraq truly was the real-world version of Mos Eisley where villains would collect and plot. President Bush’s publicly stated reasons for the invasion were legitimate, but I suspect there was another heavy factor for our going to war with Iraq (and a President Obama would have done the exact same thing): the switch from Dollars to Euros, which shook an already delicate international money system to its core. Today we have the worldwide economic crisis that is in many ways a direct result of Saddam’s economic terrorism, and now there’s even calls from China and Russia for a one-world currency to replace the dollar. Islamic terrorism, economic terrorism and oil terrorism all have the same chilling effect: the whittling down of American power influence around the globe by way of the currency.

Is one-world currency likely? Probably not in the foreseeable future. But the emergence of an Amero, or North American Union currency, seems entirely plausible to me. What else can beat back the Euro in value and become the new global standard other than a gold-standard backed Amero? And when you compare China’s land, resources and population to ours, the odds are clearly in China’s favor. But when you include all of North America, the difference becomes nominal and more about who has better ideas about freedom and liberty for its citizens.

What does this mean for American jobs and illegal immigration? I don’t have those answers. But I’m curious as to what my fellow conservatives think about the whole concept of the North American Union and the Amero and how it could impact global markets. Could we all use one currency in North America and have more open borders yet retain our individual, national identities? I hope so. I never imagined that the future may in fact produce a North America that uses one currency, a European Union that uses one currency and most likely an Russian/Asian union of some sort that uses one currency.

America, as the centerpiece of the North American Union with the Amero could be a golden doorway to another American-led century, but only if conservatives are the architects of the final outcome and protect the individual identity of each nation.

This is change you can believe in because it just may be inevitable.

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