Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Rush Limbaugh:Bad for the NFL


After the recent announcement that radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is part of a group attempting to buy the St Louis Rams football team, Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, who wrote a solid column on why Limbaugh would be a nightmare as an NFL owner, follows up with another well written piece on some of Limbaugh's other comments regarding the National Basketball Association (NBA).

An excerpt from Schultz's article:

I was pointed to a website called, which I had never seen before. It includes an audio clip from just TODAY! In short, Limbaugh rails about the possibility of a one-cent sales tax to fight gang violence, but in the process refers to basketball as “the favorite sport of gangs.”
“My question — OK, a one-cent sales tax to fight gang violence. What do you spend the money on to fight gang violence? After-school program — don’t we already have after-school programs? Don’t we already have — what do you call it, extracurricular events? Midnight basketball — I mean, we’ve done it all. We’ve taken the favorite sport of gangs, and we put it at midnight to get them on the basketball court.”
The website did a little research and also noted this Limbaugh quote on the NBA from 2004:
“Call it the TBA, the Thug Basketball Association. … They’re going in to watch the Crips and the Bloods.”
However, as one commenter on the article posted:
"according to wikipedia, there are 800,000 gang members in the US. they come from all sorts of different races/ethnic groups. yet you are all sure they’re favorite sport is basketball, because for you they represent a very specific group."

Well said. Rush Limbaugh comes across to me as just another typical race-baiting talk radio hosts, and it's not surprising that so many racist conservatives love him.

And this is coming from a conservative who is tired of this man's disgusting divisive rhetoric, and thinly-veiled race-baiting language. You see a lot more fights and thuggery in a hockey game or baseball game than you'll see in the NBA. I've never heard him (or his ilk) refer to [predominantly white] hockey players as "'thugs", even though the sport tacitly condones the on-ice brawls that constantly break out during games. Not to mention the benches clearing brawls that seem to happen at least once a week in Major League Baseball. But to Limbaugh, the NBA is a "Thug League" for obvious reasons --- because it's a predominantly African-American league. The man just makes me sick.

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