Monday, April 05, 2010

The Religion Blog That Hates Religion has an excellent article shining the light on the Huffington Post Religion Blog, which ends up pretty much being a left-wing view of religion, displaying a scornful attitude traditional Christian religion and it's values. Then again, knowing the Huffington Post (founded by former right-winger turned left winger Arianna Huffington), and knowing the American left wing, this shouldnt be a surprise. 

If you ever wanted a clear view of how the God-hating religious left thinks, then HuffPost Religion definitely provides that for all to see. This, of course, is a view that we can expect to see more of as our culture begins to shift more and more to the left, and becomes increasingly godless.   


The Religion Blog That Hates Religion
By Carolyn Plocher (Bio | Archive)Wed, 03/31/2010 - 08:57 ET

No, hell hasn't frozen over but, yes, the Huffington Post now has a religion blog. The Huffington Post, a Web site devoted to rankling conservatives and pushing a liberal agenda, announced on Feb. 24 that it was launching HuffPost Religion.

Huffington Post's co-founder, Arianna Huffington, claimed it would simply be "a section featuring a wide-ranging discussion about religion [and] spirituality," but the numbers prove that it is more of an attack on traditional Christianity than a discussion.

The site didn't waste any time throwing punches. In its first two weeks, it churned out articles by a liberal nun calling Catholicism sexist; a Rabbi claiming that Judaism will "stagnate and cease to be meaningful" unless it participates in the "green movement;" an avowed atheist comparing those who believe in God to a 7-year-old still believing in the tooth fairy; a science writer warning being religious could lead to "dangerous side-effects" such as "the crusader jihadist mentality;" and a neuroscientist calling those who believe in "obsolete religious ideas" a "lunatic fringe."

HuffPost Religion is the religion blog that hates religion, but the faith it abuses the most is Christianity.

Full article: here.

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