Sunday, September 26, 2010

Further Thoughts on the Eddie Long Situation...

So I decided to see what Eddie Long had to say for himself Sunday morning. After days of waiting, in what had turned out to be a story of national interest, millions were interested to hear what Bishop Long would say regarding the scandal that broke lat week. What we ended up with, however, was sort of a non-denial denial.

Well, maybe it's just me.... But if someone had accused me of multiple counts of gay sex with young men who were under my mentorship, (essentially making me not just an adulterer but a gay/bisexual sexual predator) I would be looking for first camera and microphone I could find to get this message out loud and clear:

"I didn't do it. I am completely innocent of these charges. These charges are lies. I have not engaged in sexual activity with these young men or any other men..." (etc, etc.)

I was waiting to see if Eddie Long would say that, but of course he didn't. Mr. Long, I don't want to hear you tell me that on the advice of counsel you will not be addressing these charges in public, but only in court. I'm sorry, but that's weak.

If you didn't do it, your church members, your flock, are waiting for their shepherd to say "I'm innocent and did not do these things." Forget what your lawyer advised you; speak to your flock and declare your innocence... if indeed you really are innocent.

Then again, some folks following this story might think this is all just a scheme from the Devil. I don't.

...Or that the man of God is being set up. I don't think so.

Or they think these young men are all lying. I don't believe that at all.

No, I'm not an enemy of Eddie Long. I don't know the man.
I simply believe a pastor should be clean. He doesn't have to be perfect... just clean. And there are some of us who have very good reason to believe Eddie Long is far from clean in this matter.

I actually wish I could say more, but I'm trying to be restrained here. All I'll say for now is this: there have been whisperings about this situation for years now. Now would be the ideal time for any first-hand eyewitnesses to speak up...whether they be family members, present or past New Birth staff members or whomever. There are long term, even eternal consequences at stake here --- for the 25,000 New Birth church members, for the four young men involved (and perhaps more to be revealed), and yes, even for Eddie Long himself.

May the will of the Lord be done.

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