Tuesday, September 07, 2010

God no longer male, Scottish Episcopal Church rules

As a former Anglican/Episcopal it has saddened and dismayed me for years to watch as Anglican churches as a whole, with some exceptions, have descended further and further into apostasy, particularly on the issue of dealing with homosexuality. 

However, now we're beginning to see more descent into doctrinal depravity as the Scottish Episcopal Church has decided to neutralize God's male-ness, and remove all male references to God in their worship. 

This is just political correctness run amok, being perpetrated by people who clearly do not know God or His word. Only God knows what will be the next step the Episcopals -- and the other mainline denominations-- will take next as they continue to lurch headlong into more and more error.

From: Telegraph.co.uk 

A new order of service produced by the Scottish Episcopal Church has caused controversy by removing masculine references to God.

The new form of worship, which removes words such as "Lord, he, his, him" and "mankind" from services, has been written by the church in an attempt to acknowledge that God is "beyond human gender".

Episcopalian bishops have approved the introduction of more "inclusive" language, which deliberately removes references suggesting that God is of male gender.

Traditionalists have criticised the changes on the grounds that they smack of political correctness and because they believe they are not consistent with the teachings of the Bible. The alterations have been made to provide an alternative to the established 1982 Liturgy, which, like the Bible, refers to God as a man.

The new order of service, which can be used by priests if they have difficulties with a male God, has been produced by the church's Liturgy Committee in consultation with the Faith & Order Board of General Synod and the College of Bishops.

The controversial changes were discussed at the church's General Synod recently. The minutes of the synod reveal that female priests had asked why God was still referred to as a man.
The altered version of the 1982 Liturgy sees masculine pronouns removed when they refer to God and the new approach has even been extended to humans. For example, the word "mankind" has been taken out and replaced with "world".

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