Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rally Calling for Bishop Eddie Long Resignation Causing Death Threats

The rally will take place on October 31st and is being lead by Bishop Walker from the True Light Pentecostal Church. Bishop Walker will be joined by Reuben Armstrong, the controversial talk show host and best selling author...

Reuben Armstrong has also been getting death threats for his part in promoting this rally. People have been very adamant about trying to get this rally from not taking place. No one has taken credit for these threats, they have all been anonymous to both Walker and Armstrong.

Reuben Armstrong wrote a best selling book in 2006 called, "Snakes in the Pulpit." This book came out four years before the young men brought these allegations towards Bishop Long. Armstrong's book was written after two youth pastors had reached out to Armstrong for help. They described the sexual abuse of the young men in Long's church, New Birth Ministries.

The stories about the sexual abuse of teenage boys was very similar to the charges being levied against Bishop Long today. Armstrong was met with accusations that he was just starting rumors, and no one took these allegations seriously at the time the book was published. Maybe they should have. 

A Spartanburg pastor said he is getting death threats because he's called for another church leader's resignation...

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gcmwatch said...

That's interesting. Death threats from other Christians???

The saga grows weirder.