Monday, January 31, 2011

Rick Warren: Daniel's Plan, or Devil's Plan?

Rich Warren of Saddleback Church, considerd by some to be "America's Pastor", has gotten a lot of positive attention for his "Daniel Plan" health and fitness program he introduced to his church this month. But, as Marsha West writes in this excellent article, Warren has shown an astounding lack of discernment by having this spearheaded by three men of very questionable (New Age & Hindu) spiritual backgrounds.

This is not the first time Warren's spiritual associations have been called into question. Either this man Rick Warren is terribly naive, or he is simply one of those "wolves in sheep's clothing" that Jesus warned us about. I have my own opinion regarding that (and it's probably not too hard for you to figure out where I'm leaning in regards to that question.)

Meanwhile, here's what Ms. West has for us:

By Marsha West
January 28,

Pastor Rick Warren continues to work at “fulfilling people’s needs.” His latest endeavor is “The Daniel Plan,” a 52-week health and fitness program. Pastor Rick has decided it’s high time to lose 90 pounds. But there’s more to his health plan than meets the eye.
“The church says all of its more than 5,000 small groups will go through "The Daniel Plan," which is part of Saddleback's "Decade of Destiny," a 10-year plan launching this month "to help individuals succeed and be who God designed them to be in every aspect in life." (see Online Source)

On January 15, over 6,000 people flocked to Saddleback’s main campus while thousands more watched online at the other Saddleback campuses.
It would appear that Pastor Warren has good intentions and that he genuinely wants his congregants to be the picture of health. He says that Christians should honor God with our bodies and he draws from Scripture to prove his point, 1 Cor. 6:19 and Rom. 12:1, for example. Who can possibly dispute that Warren’s plan to get the sheep shipshape is anything but admirable? 

Into a cauldron of green tea add in 1 eye of a knut, 4 lizard’s tails, 3 dragon incisors, 4 forked tongues, 7 pages from the Message Bible, 1 page from the KJV Bible, then stir the pot while chanting “I am God…I am God…I am God.” While the brew simmers get in a crossed-legged yoga position…meditate …go deep…deeper still…until you’re in a trance, then allow the kundalini energy coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine to run through your body…until an ecstatic experience erupts whereby you will shift between ecstasy and horror……viola, enlightenment!
In his new endeavor to help Saddleback congregants get healthy, Pastor Rick has enticed unsuspecting people, many of them professing Christians, into drinking his witch’s brew.
Many of you are thinking, “Rick Warren wouldn’t do that!” Oh really? Stay with me and you’ll discover what “America’s Pastor” is up to. Many of you will find what I’m about to reveal unbelievable. Don’t take my word for it. At the end of this article I have included a number of links that reveal the truth about this man. Do the research.

Full article here:


Anonymous said...

Dear Endtime Observers,

Please be alerted to:

Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan vs. Scripture
New Website

As though it is not enough that Rick Warren has a Muslim physician Dr. Oz speak from his pulpit who wants to hypnotize all of America, it is time for all Christians to sever their unholy alliance with Apostate Rick Warren and publicly renounce him, and come out from among them!

"Warren is expected to award Blair with the annual International Medal of PEACE. The award is given to individuals who exemplify outstanding contribution toward alleviating the five global giants."

You have to wonder after Rick Warren gives Tony Blair his Global Peace Plan Prize, who's next? Gaddafi?

"Tony Blair believes Muslim cleric saved without Jesus"


Blair is a globalist and has converted to Roman Catholicism...totally apostate...Hybels has no business promoting him, but should be marking him.

"I also mentioned Pastor Rick Warren who sits on the advisory board of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that seeks to bring the religions of the world together."

SOURCE: Brannon Howse

Contrast this with WAYNE GRUDEM'S statement:

"Rick Warren's is truly advancing the work of the Kingdom of God" Wayne Grudem
Recent update reports on Articles page:

World Vision Betrays Israel

NY Supreme Court Judgment against Top Assemblies of God Leaders
Sima Motivational Abilities Pattern vs. Scripture

Recent Videos:

Experiencing God through Deceitful Mysticism

Rick Warren Most Dangerous Pastor in the World

Rick Warren's SHAPE Carl Jung Occult-based Personality Profiling

I hope and pray that you will sound the alarm on His Holy Hill!

Sincerely in Christ,

James Sundquist

Observer said...

Thanks for the info, James.
Good stuff.