Monday, April 04, 2011

Another Gospel Singer Comes Out Of The Closet

Well, here we go again. Another gospel singer has come out as being gay. In this case, DeJuaii Pace, member of the award winning gospel group The Anointed Pace Sisters, has come out as a lesbian.

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Coming out isn't the easiest process. So imagine how challenging it would be if you grew up in a Pentecostal Holiness church, were a preacher's kid and belonged to an award-winning gospel group with your siblings.
This was DeJuaii Pace's reality and factored into why she ignored her same-sex attraction for so long. In fact, the 45-year-old, who's also a virgin, never discussed her lesbianism with her family, including her eight sisters -- seven of whom, along with her, make up gospel's the Anointed Pace Sisters. That changed during a taping of the new OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network show Addicted to Food, which premieres Tuesday night.
Pace, a compulsive overeater, is one of eight eating disorder patients (both over- and under-eaters) at treatment facility Shades of Hope in Buffalo Gap, Texas. With the help of therapists, the patients try to find the root of their food addiction, heal it and become mentally and physically healthier.
Pace, who started gaining extra weight when she was 21, says that her big secret contributed to her overeating and that food was a substitute for intimacy. The gospel singer talks to The Root about her weight-loss journey, her virginity and homosexuality in the black church.
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This is starting to occur with regularity now. First it was award winning gospel singer Ray Boltz, then Jennifer Knapp, then Tonex, and now DeJuaii Pace being the notable gospel personalities who have come out of the closet. We know there will be more who come forward. After all, it's not a big secret that the gospel music scene is littered with undercover gay men and lesbians. And as more high-profile singers feel bold enough to reveal themselves, it'll certainly embolden others to decide to "be honest" with the public about who they are. Only God knows the effect this is having, and will have, on the audiences that listen to these people... especially impressionable youth who may well be influenced to one day follow a similar path.  

Gay civil unions... Gay (or "gay-accepting") churches... Gay gospel singers... Gay marriages. In the past decade or so we've seen that which is abominable to God become more and more commonplace in our society, receiving wider and wider acceptance. No, homosexuality isn't necessarily the worst sin in the world-- as many gays and their supporters like to tell us -- but acceptance of homosexuality is very much a barometer of the moral state (or moral decay) of a society. And when we see so many professing "Christians" shrug like its not a big deal that a particular gospel singer has come out, and more and more churches open their doors for gay gospel artists to perform (or "minister") to their congregations, it tells you how many "Christians" and churches have totally lost their moral compass, going through the motions of something that has a resemblance to Christianity, but is not Biblical Christianity at all.

There's no doubt that the day will come when those of us who insist on maintaining the biblical standard for moral and sexual purity (which, of course, excludes homosexual behavior) will find ourselves ostracized, marginalized, and worse... not just by the secular society, but by many in the church world. Slowly, gradually, that which was considered abominable is becoming acceptable in the eyes of many who claim to know Christ. But frankly, it will never be acceptable in the eyes of God, or his true followers.

No matter how much these gay apologists try to twist God's word to suit their own views and desires, the Word of God makes it clear that the sexually immoral will NOT inherit the kingdom of God.  It doesn't matter how big their churches are, how well  they preach, how sweetly they sing, how much they speak in tongues (or claim to speak in tongues); if they continue to live in defiance to the Word of God, these people are going to find themselves shut out of the Kingdom on that great day.

God bless all those brave pastors, preachers, and saints of God who will continue to maintain the biblical standard, and stand against the tide of moral decay that is in the process of infiltrating so many in the church world today.


Anonymous said...

It does not take an ounce of bravery to speak out against homosexuality or write blogs like yours. It takes much more bravery to be who God made you to be and to be open about it. Sister Pace is brave!!!

Observer said...

Rather than submit her body, soul, and spirit to the Word of God, this person decides to give herself over to impure sexual attractions, and you think she’s “brave”?
Spare us “Minister” Palmer. I’m quite familiar with your “ministry” of compromise and falsehood. Take your lies elsewhere, please. We’re not buying what you’re selling.

True bravery, true courage, is to stand up for the truth of God's Word -- even in the face of a society and culture that continues to pressure God’s people to compromise their biblical principles.

Speaking Truth in Love said...

Homosexuality is NOT an identity --it is an ACT. Period end of story. Show me in the WORD of God that homosexuality is permitted and I will eat my words "Minister" Palmer.

On that note:
As much as we should stand for truth, we should love one another and reach out to those who are struggling with is particular sexual sin. The Church should certainly not turn such away, but speak the truth in love.

gcmwatch said...

smh@ false minister Gerald Palmer grabbing his 1.3 seconds of blog fame. He's getting around.

OLIVIA said...


LightWarrior said...

I grew up Pentecostal. Realized I was gay so I refused to get baptized although a believer. I came close to suicide many times I couldn't handle not being 100%. For me it was something genetic because I wanted to not be gay I hated it. So I was baptized at 22 and that's when everything started to go wrong for me. I didn't want to be in shades of grey anymore so I sold my soul to Lucifer at 23 now im doing a lot better. How can you not practice what you preach? I would rather sell my soul than DARE be a blasphemy and abomination to God.

Bob said...

What you had was regular temptation. Your problem is, that instead of being faithful to God you gave up and sold yourself to Satan.

Of course you are doing a lot better now. Satan has no reason to tempt you. You are already his. As ap. James said, testing brings up patience in us, and teaches us to be men of faith. Israel got to the promised land thru' the desert. Life is never without testing and temptations.

So it is good that you recognize that you have sinned. You still have time to repent. And return to your Father and Creator. Don't be foolish and use it. May God help you. I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Which sin in the Bible did Yahweh destroy not one, but two entire cities for? Uh-huh...God never changes and the New Testament, our Covenant, is replete with references to sexual sin. It plainly states that homosexuals WILL NOT BE IN HEAVEN (1 Cor. 6.9) Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I think its all BS!!! everybody has the right to live their life the way they want as long as nobody gets hurts!! Christians are the biggest hypocrites in the world!! and that's why churches are losing so many members, the church teaches you to love everybody but yet if their gay their going straight to hell and those who support them are going too.

Cara said...

Wow Palmer. I can't even put reverend in front of your name because I don't know what you are a reverend of. Certainly not the Bible. What you have said is so wrong on so many levels and contradicts Gods word blatantly. Its apparent which master you're serving so ill leave you to that and let the Lord deal with you while you spew your false doctrine and proceed to TRY and persecute others who are preaching the real word of God. I love pastors who aren't watering down the word or conforming it to justify their fleshly desires.

Anonymous said...

There is power in Jesus Christ to break any spirit of perversion off of our lives, we Just have to keep running to Jesus when we feel overcomed with sexual sin. Don't give up, don't give in because THERE IS VICTORY IN JESUS. Amen

Anonymous said...

I recently learned from a 28 year old lady that she was considered weird because she had never kissed a female. It shocked and saddened me.