Friday, April 29, 2011

The Demonic Associations of Lady Gaga (And Others) Exposed

I ran across this video today and felt I just had to share it. Pastor Fred Price Jr. breaks down the video of the hit song by Lady Gaga called "Born This Way". Now there was always something in the back of my mind that had me wondering if Lady Gaga was more than just eccentric... more than just a bit weird  or just some attention seeker trying to "push the envelope", as they say. In my spirit I started to feel more and more like the rise of LG was the rise of another "mainstream" entertainer working under demonic influence to impact our youth and inject spiritual poison into their souls.

If there was any doubt in anyone's mind that Lady Gaga is a musical ambassador working for "the other side", there should be no doubt after seeing this video posted on G Craige Lewis's EX Ministries website.

One interesting quote from the video shows an interview LG gave with Vogue magazine in which she talks about the inspiration and development of the song:

"I wrote ['Born This Way'] in 10 f-----g minutes," she explains in the article. "And it is a completely magical message song. And after I wrote it, the gates just opened, and the songs kept coming. It was like an immaculate conception." -Vogue Magazine, March 2011

This brought to mind a quote from Michael Jackson in which he spoke about the inspiration for his music:

"I wake up from dreams and go, 'Wow, put this down on paper.' The whole thing is strange. You hear the words, everything is right there in front of your face. And you say to yourself, 'I'm sorry, I just didn't write this. It's there already.' That's why I hate to take credit for the songs I've written. I feel that somewhere, someplace, it's been done and I'm just a courier bringing it into the world. I really believe that. I love what I do."- Rolling Stone magazine, Feb 13th, 1983, from an article entitled: Michael Jackson - Life in the magical kingdom"
It also brings to mind this excerpt from a Rolling Stone interview with Carlos Santana, in which Santana spoke openly of his dealings with a spirit entity called Metatron: 

From the article:
He tells me more about Metatron. "Metatron is the architect of physical life. Because of him, we can French-kiss, we can hug, we can get a hot dog, wiggle our toe." He sees Metatron in his dreams and meditations. He looks a bit like Santa Claus -- "white beard, and kind of this jolly fellow." Metatron, who has been mentioned in mystical disciplines through the ages, also appears as the eye inside the triangle.

Santana credits Metatron with alerting him to the recent changes in his life. In the mid-Nineties, he met some people in a spiritual bookstore near his home, and they invited him to their afternoon meditations in Santa Cruz. The last time he was there, Metatron delivered some important messages. "You will be inside the radio frequency," Metatron told him, "for the purpose of connecting the molecules with the light." Carlos Santana understood. He would make a new album and be on the radio again. And he would connect the molecules with the light: He would connect an audience with some of the spiritual information he now had. Metatron offered a further instruction: "Be patient, gracious and grateful," Santana was told, and he resolved to do just that.

Some quick points on this:
  • “Metatron” is a known spirit entity [demon] in New Age circles.
  • The “eye inside the triangle” is a commonly known occultic/demonic symbol. Several examples of this symbol (sometimes called the All-Seeing-Eye, or Eye of Horus) are shown above, including one popularized by notorious master Satanist Aleister Crowley.
  • After being promised in the mid-nineties by Metatron that he would be back on the airwaves to connect his audience with “spiritual information” he now had, Santana stunned the music industry with what seemed like an amazing comeback with the  success of his album released in 1999 which went on to sell 27 million copies worldwide (15 million in the U.S. alone), and garnered him 9 Grammy awards. The discerning Christian can easily recognize that it wasn’t Santana’s musical acumen that caused this sudden out-of-the-blue late career success. It was the demon(s) working with him that made it all possible. Of course, it should surprise no-one this album was simply named “Supernatural”

Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Carlos Santana….just a few of the many music “stars” who have allowed themselves to become musical agents for the devil, to influence the minds of your kids and mine. Any Christian parent today who doesn’t monitor what kind of music their kids listen to is simply falling asleep on the job. Frankly, in times like these, that’s simply inexcusable.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. It's crazy how the enemy will use anything and anyone for his work. We brothers and sisters in Christ need to wake up, watch out, and pray. We also need to remember that the Lord has already overcome this world and everything in it. God bless G. Craige Lewis.