Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The March Toward World Government Continues...

The elites who run things used to have no problem referring to their desired New World Order as, well, The New World Order. But when Christian prophecy watchers and other assorted opponents of world government started making frequent references to it, the term became a liability, and gradually fell into near disuse by the elites. The term One World Government also became undesirable. Another euphemism had to be found. Then came the term "global governance", a thinly veiled way of them referring to world government without actually calling it that.

Now, the term that has emerged is "world parliament", or (less frequently)"global parliament", a reference to the desire for a World Parliamentary Assembly, either to replace the United Nations, or to develop from within the existing United Nations structure. Since a parliament is essentially a legislative unit of a government,  it kind of goes without saying that a global parliamentary assembly would, of necessity, be a unit of a global government. No matter what kind of word games they play, or what kind of clever verbiage they use to make their true long-term intentions, the fact is simple. The march toward world government continues, and the world;s power elite is committed to make it happen.

Christians (at least those who have been paying close attention) know that it WILL happen, and that the driving force behind it is not the result of either social evolution nor politcal evolution, as some would have us believe. We know this movement is simply the result of a Satanic plan to lay the groundwork for the coming Antichrist.

The "World Parliament" movement seems to have really picked up steam as of late. Here below is just a sampling of recent articles found on the internet regarding this scheme to one day enslave and entrap the citizens of the world in its clutches:


World government endorsed by former congressman
December 7, 2012 By: Michael McGuire

An Illinois Republican who spent 22 years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives has joined a campaign to establish a world parliament, a leader in the movement said Thursday.

Paul Findley, 91, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1961-83, expressed his formal support for theCampaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.
"In his youth, he had supported Clarence Streit's Union Now, and he is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Streit Council for a Union of Democracies," according to an emailed statement by John Sutter, president of the San Francisco-based Democratic World Federalists.

Full Article: http://www.examiner.com/article/world-government-endorsed-by-former-congressman


Jurists call for creation of world judicial system

Jurists from across the world have demanded creation of ‘World Judicial System’ and ‘World Parliament’ to strictly enforce and implement international law. This demand was raised by several judges including Chief Justices of various countries from across the world on Thursday in the Capital.
They will leave for Lucknow on Friday to attend the 13th International Conference on — ‘Enforceable International Law is the only Solution to the World’s Problem’. On Thursday, all jurists reached Rajghat, the Samadhi of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi to paid tribute to him. 
Emphasising on the need of world judicial system, Chief Justice of Uganda BJ Odoki said that Africa had already formed a union of judges to explore the possibility of enforcement of uniform law. He added similar steps are needed to be taken to constitute a world judicial system and world parliament. “No one is above the law, international law must be strictly enforced and implemented,” he added. 


World government topic of chief justices’ meeting

Superior court judges from throughout the world are meeting in Lucknow, India through Dec. 13 to discuss proposals for world government
The meeting is the 13th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World.The conference is live on the Web.
The goal of the conference is to promote “enforceable world law, effective global governance and peace education” to deal effectively with such problems as "lawlessness, terrorism, environmental degradation, drug trafficking and other global problems."
"New revolutionary changes in the technology of transport and communications have reduced the world to a global village," according to the group. "People living on the opposite sides of the globe have become virtual neighbours, thanks to the internet and supersonic jets. In such a close-knit world, the emergence or formation of a new world order is only a matter of time. The mute question is whether the unification of humankind will happen after unimaginable horrors precipitated by humanity’s stubborn clinging to old patterns of behaviour, or is to be embraced now by an act of consultative will."
Former senator backs world government
Adlai Stevenson III, who served in the U.S. Senate from Illinois, has added his name to a list of supporters of the Campaign for the Establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assemblythe group announced Friday.
Stevenson, a Democrat, is the son of two-time Democratic presidential Adlai Stevenson II and the great-grandson of Adlai Stevenson I, who served as vice president of the United States under President Grover Cleveland.
Stevenson III was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives prior to his election as Illinois State Treasurer. He won a special election to fill the unexpired term of Sen. Everett Dirksen. He was re-elected in 1974 and chose not to run for re-election in 1980.
Stevenson is the second former Illinois legislator this week to call for formation of a global parliament. He joins former U.S. Rep. Paul Findley (R-IL) in the campaign.

So its clear that the terms World Parliament and World Government are becoming essentially interchangeable terms, or at least they go hand in hand.
But there's the other side of the coin. Christian prophecy-watchers not only talk about the coming one world government, but also the coming one world religion, as the other cornerstone of the coming Antichrist's kingdom. So if there's all this talk about a political world parliament, one might think there's also a world parliament of religion somewhere out there.  And if that's what you guessed... you've guessed right!

Consider, then, the World Congress of Religions 2012, held from November 30th -December 2nd, 2012, or the 1st World Parliament on Spirituality held in India just recently (December 17-21, 2012). As their own website says, the World Congress of Religions 2012 was an event inspired by the original Parliament of World Religions which took place way back in 1893.

(I'll speak more about the religious unity and these parliaments in a future post, God willing.)

Two sides of the same coin. To wings of the same evil bird. In the end the world will have its Antichrist, and its False Prophet (see Revelation 13).
CLEARLY the devil is busy. The church needs to make sure it's busy too.

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