Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Satnic Blue Jeans?

OK. So this guy in Sweden decides to design and market some anti-Christian jeans. The logo of these jeans has a skull and an upside down cross on it. (The upside-down cross is a well known Satanic symbol.) And the designer's purpose? Well, it's to make a statement that he thinks Christianity is "evil", and he has a "great dislike for organized religion". The makers say it’s a joke, but the logo’s designer said there’s a deeper message. ‘’It is an active statement against Christianity,'’ Bjorn Atldax said. He also states that Christianity has been the cause of wars throughout history.

Well if this guy knows his history he'd notice that wars have been started by quite a few religions; like Islam for example. Of course he'd never design anti-Muslim jeans. If he did, within seconds he'd have radical Islamists issuing a fatwa against him for blasphemy! He'd be a dead man walking, and he knows it. Look what happened when muslims worldwide were insulted by some cartoons of Mohammed. Imagine the reaction if this man were to design anti-Islamic jeans and proclaim that Islam is "evil". Fuggedaboutit!! The guy says he's againt "organized religion" Isn't Islam an "organized religion"? Hmmm....

Of course, my point is not that he should insult Islam. My point is that he wouldnt dare do it. So when it's time to insult someones religion in today's culture, bashing "organized religion" really comes down to just bashing Christianity. It's just so easy, so convenient. Which leads to this question: Do these people really respect Islam, or are they just afraid of it? My theory: its not respect, it's simply fear. They're afraid. Very afraid (and with good reason too).

It's kinda funny to me that people, like this guy, who say they have a problem with organized religion really have a problem with Christianity in particular, and they know they can get away with insulting Christianity more so than any other religion.

I just hope true Christians notice whats going on here. The climate is changing... and I'm not talking about the weather. Peace.

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