Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why I'm No Fan of Robert Tilton

This is not a new story, but I ran across it on the web, and it just shows why this man is such a cancer, doing such a disservice to the gospel of Christ. His is not a gospel of salvation, but a gospel of money and greed.

A woman who worked briefly for his ministry tells her story:

"Patricia Morrow said she worked for Mail Services Inc. for two days in 2001, opening letters addressed to "Rev. Tilton" and taking out the cash. Morrow, 63, said she got the job through an employment agency. Morrow said she worked for two days in the basement of the Kennedy Building in an old bank vault opening hundreds of letters. The building at 321 S. Boston Ave. is the same address where Tilton prayer requests were found in Dumpsters in 1991. "They were all addressed to this Rev. Tilton," Morrow said of the letters she opened. "You're sat down in a cubicle and given a letter opener. You have bundles and bundles of mail and a trash bin beside you. You slice open the envelope, take the money out and throw the letter away in the bin." She said another employee came by to empty the trash bins regularly and a manager collected the cash and checks from employees who opened the letters. "The bins are picked up and emptied into trash sacks and put into a special room. They weren't there the next day." Morrow said there was no attempt to keep the letters together and it was apparent that no one planned to read them. But Morrow read many of them during her two days with Mail Services Inc.

"You cannot help but read them," she said. "All these letters were like, 'Pray for me,' because they were terminal or their son is terminal or there was no money for food . . . desperate situations." She said nearly all of the letters she opened were from rural Florida or rural Georgia and they often contained cash in odd amounts. "There would be like $17, and the letter would say, 'I realize I have to give $2 more than I usually give.' " She described the letter writers as lonely homebound people in rural areas wanting help from God. "

This man had better get it right before he goes to meet his Maker. Read the story here.

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