Monday, August 13, 2007

15 Months to Go??!! My Early Impressions of the 2008 Race.

Ok. Its a long election season. Too long. The campaign and the debates started way too soon, and frankly, in the end, it doesn't even matter to me who wins. I know who I want to win, but to me, the Democrats and the Republicans will both end up destroying America as we know it, just in different ways. But that being said, and after browsing a few political websites today, including one of my favorites,, I decided to put down some of my early thoughts on this campaign, especially in light of the Barack Obama phenomenon that's getting so much buzz lately.

I remember in the 2004 campaign, Howard Dean was the hot flavor of he month, with all this grassroots internet support, etc.. and seemingly cruising to the nomination. Some guy named John Kerry was a virtual afterthought. Remember how quickly things turned around. Before you knew it, JK was the front runner and Howard Dean became an also-ran.

I predict the same thing for this Obama in 08. Sure he's hot right now, but the more he speaks, the more he'll expose himself as an inexperienced lightweight. Just give him time. Hillary is much smarter than he is politically. I predict she'll probably pick Bill Richardson because he's Hispanic. The Democrats already will get 90% of the black vote so Obama doesn't really bring votes to the table like Bill Richardson does.

My early prediction... Hillary and Bill Richardson vs. Giuliani and Fred Thompson. I think Richardson will carry the Hispanic vote and help the Democrats to win. Of course, I don't want them to win, but if they play their cards carefully, this election seems to be theirs to lose.

Of course, Al Gore "should" have won in 2000 and didn't. Then John Kerry "should" have won in 2004 and didn't. So, since the Democrats have shown themselves to be skilled at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, there might still be some hope for us conservative folks in '08. Time will tell.

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