Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Early Pick for 2008: Rudy Takes It Over Hillary

I don't know what Rudy and Hillary are laughing about in the picture above, but I'm pretty sure there wont be much laughing going on between these two in the 2008 elections.

I'm calling this one early. Guiliani takes it in 2008. The Dems are starting to get nervous already; Obama is widely seen as being too inexperienced, and Clinton's high negatives are making people question her electability. I say Giuliani demolishes Hillary in the debates, and takes it in a close, bitterly fought election.

I guess the Democrat can then will whine that he Republicans "stole the elections" again. Whatever.

Obviously the political momentum still heavily favors the Democrats right now. On paper, this seems like an election the Dems should win without too much trouble. But they "should have won" with Al Gore in 2000, and also "should have won" with John Kerry in 2004. Both Gore and Kerry were leading in the polls in the months leading up to the general elections.

The latest polls show Hillary leading too; RealClearPolitics's poll has her leading Giuliani by 5.5%, Mitt Romney by 11.7 %, and Fred Thompson by 10.7%). But I'm betting that lead will shrink over time, and Rudy Giuliani takes it in a close one.

Check back frequently for future posts and commentary on the '08 elections.

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