Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama: Socialist in Disguise

I saw Barack Obama's acceptiance speech last night after winning the Wisconsin Democratic Primary. I was stunned by some of the stuff I heard. I've come to the conclustion that the man is not just a liberal; he's a socialist.

Among Obama's proposals for his presidency:

He wants to ensure that the minimum wage always keeps up with the inflation rate, because in his view "no-one should be poor" in America. (Sounds good, but what impact will this have on small business)

He wants to eliminate income tax for seniors making $50,000/year or less. (Sound good too. But can we as a nation really afford that?)

He wasnt to make sure all teachers are paid more than they are now. (How do you pay for this? Teachers are paid at the local level, so does this mean Federal tax dollars will be spent for this)

He "will end" the Iraq war in 2009! (How can he make a promise like that when he doesn't even know what the situation will be like on the ground in Iraq in 2009?)

he wants to create a path to citizenship for illegal aliens after they "pay a fine", and "go to the end of the line". (This is amnesty under a different name. That one's not even fooling anybody. And we all know he's in favor of giving illegal aliens driver's licenses, even though surveys have shown that most Americans oppose that)

Look for Obama's liberal policies and proposals to get lots of scrutiny in the upcoming months if he wins the Democratic Nomination for president. I think the Republicans will expose his socialistic nature in due time. Otherwise, the United States of Obama might become a reality we all end up seeing. And I'm convinced that wont be a good thing.

This guy has the possibility of being the worst president ever... even worse than Jimmy Carter! Scary thought.

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