Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Africa, South America Marching Toward World Govt.

Just saw in the news today that rock singer and human rights activist Bono is calling for a United States of Africa.

I find this interesting, especially since African nations have been talking openly about unifying their nations, to create a stronger African Union similar to the European Union, with its own flag, military, and currency. Article here.

And recently, South Americans governments recently agreed to form a Union of South American Nations very similar to - you guessed it - the European Union. Article here.

And of course lets not forget the North American Union, which some would like to pattern after... what else?... the European Union.

Regionalization as a step toward globalization. Regional governments as a step toward One World Government. The picture is getting clearer every day.

It's amazing to me that people still try to deny this is really happening.

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