Saturday, December 27, 2008

Great New Tool Added

I'm pretty pleased right now about a new tool I've just added to this blog, which will be a great plus on this site both for future posts, and those posts already on this site.

It's called ref tagger, and it makes all the Bible verse references on this site come alive. Bare references turn into hyperlinks when the reader hovers their mouse over the scripture verse posted. I came across it while browsing over at the Preterist Heresy Blog. Try it with this verse: Acts 2:38, or this verse: Daniel 12:3. Pretty nifty and convenient, I'd say.

Bloggers who want to add something like this to their site can get the code at this link:

Many thanks to Logos Bible Software for making this free tool available to me and the visitors of this blog.

I'll be looking to add more tools to improve the functionality of this blog in the weeks and months to come.

I havent posted as much the past month or so, largely because of a major transition I'm going through on a personal level at this time (a good transition). But I expect to be posting more again very shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile, a happy holiday season to all, and a blessed 2009.

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