Friday, August 28, 2009

Japan Should Work Toward Asia Currency, Hatoyama Writes in NYT

For those building the emerging "New World Order", the pattern and plan has become abundantly clear: regionaliziation as a step toward globalization, and regional governance as a step toward global governance. As part of this process, we are seeing a push toward regional currencies as a step towards a single global currency.
Japan could seems set to play its part in the process of forming a regional Asian currency, as the world elites continue their push to replace the US dollar as the world's de facto "reserve currency".A leading Japanese politician (who could shortly be elected as their next prime minister in a few days), is now making the case for the formation of a regional Asian currency to replace the US dollar.


Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Japan should work with other Asian countries to create a single regional currency and bolster alliances to make it possible, opposition leader Yukio Hatoyama wrote in the New York Times.
Asia should “aspire to move toward regional currency integration,” wrote Hatoyama, who polls indicate may become the country’s prime minister after a national election on Aug. 30. “We must spare no effort to build the permanent security frameworks essential to underpinning” a single currency that “will likely take more than 10 years” to establish.

The global financial crisis and the Iraq war have diminished U.S. influence around the world and cast doubt about “the permanence of the dollar as the key global currency,” he wrote. “But at present no one country is ready to replace the United States as the dominant country. Nor is there a currency ready to replace the dollar as the world’s key currency.”

Hatoyama wrote that Japan will benefit from greater regional cooperation as it struggles to keep political and economic independence “when caught between the United States, which is fighting to retain its position as the world’s dominant power, and China, which is seeking” greater prominence.

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UPDATE: On Sunday August 20th, Yukio Hatoyama was voted in as the next Prime Minister of Japan.

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