Friday, November 20, 2009

The European Union chooses it's first "President"... and the US Media yawns.

Bob Thiel of the Examiner makes an excellent point about how on the same day that the European Union chose its first president and talk show host Oprah Winfrey announced that her show will be coming to an end in 2011, the media and the American sheeple
people as a whole were more interested in Oprah's announcement than the startling developments that just took place in Europe.

With the recent ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (another buried story in the US media) the EU has essentially established itself as a sort of "United States of Europe". And the selection of Herman Von Rompuy as the first president of Europe now has its "George Washington" to help help this new European entity to establish and assert  itself on the world stage as a major player -- and one that appears destined to supplant the USA as the dominant world power. Let's stay tuned and see what new developments will be forthcoming from Mr. Rompuy and this new virtual European superstate.
From Bob Thiel's article:

EU President Herman Van Rompuy vs. Oprah Winfrey

Yesterday and today, there were two items that different people paid attention to.

One was for the first time, the new post-Lisbon Treaty European Union selected a president.  He is Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy.

The second was the Oprah Winfrey announced that she would discontinue her long-running television show in September 2011.

While the first item may have been on the televised news last night, this examiner did not see it.  Instead, he did see Oprah's announcement on multiple channels.

What about print media?

This morning, the front page of the San Luis Obispo paper, The Tribune, had the Oprah announcement.  But nowhere was this examiner able to find any reference to the new EU President.  If it was anywhere in the paper, let's just say that it certainly was not prominent.

Herman Van Rompuy is now the president of a supranational state of 500,000,000 people.  This state not only has more people than the U.S.A., it has a larger total economy.

From a human interest perspective, apparently more Americans are interested in learning about Oprah Winfrey than certain international events.  From an end time prophecy perspective, however, Herman Van Rompuy is more interesting.

[Full article here.]

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