Monday, February 22, 2010

False Messiah Announces Plan to "Transform Himself" in 2012

It seems like the devil is getting ready to shift his activity into a higher gear this upcoming decade. One thing to watch for: an increase in activity and visibility of his false "Christs". One such false Christ we've covered at this blog, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, has announced plans to "transform himself" next year. What this means exactly, we don't know yet, but it's definitely something to keep an eye on.

(See more info on Jose Miranda here and here.)

Miranda, who calls himself "the man Christ Jesus" , and proudly embraces the number 666 as his own, has issued a press release about this upcoming transformation.


The Man Christ Jesus to Transform Himself in 2010.

Published on Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miami, Florida (CEG) – Jose Luis De Jesus, The Man Christ Jesus, once again makes history and shocks the nations by announcing today the exact date of the most awaited and most spectacular event in history – The Glorious Day of The Transformation, where His physical body will be transformed, dressed in immortality and incorruptibility (1 Cor. 15:53-54), in the same manner as Jesus of Nazareth experienced.

The evidences are irrefutable and the countdown has begun.

The prophecies foretold that Jose Luis De Jesus (666), the fulfillment of the Second Coming, would be given exactly 42 months of authority to act, as stated in Rev. 13:5 where Apostle John confusedly referred to Him as ‘The Beast’. Of these 42 months, Dec. 2008 to Dec. 2009 marked the fulfillment of 12 months since His ‘image’ was given power, thereby leaving an approximate 2 1/2 years left of Judgment on Earth.

Haiti’s alarming earthquake is merely an example of what is yet to come during this judgment period. As today’s generation have made a mockery of Jose Luis De Jesus and have taken His Return all too lightly, the Earth groans. The planet will continue to witness the famine, earthquakes, and wars of Matthew 24:6-8 and Revelations 6:5-8 -- foretold tribulations that would occur as part of God's direct wrath and judgment right before His transformation.

The signs of the times are clear. Thousands worldwide are marked with the number of His name, 666. The Earth’s rotation has accelerated to a speed of 66,666 mph. All prophecies are fulfilling, even scientific, astronomical and numerological formulae are aligning - all pointing to the year 2012, where the Puerto Rican-born Jose Luis De Jesus (Latitude 66.6°) curiously turns 66.

Throughout history, this date has been proposed inaccurately 59 times, however The Man Christ Jesus has spoken. The one and only ordained to communicate the date in which this would take place (Acts 17:31).

“Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Rev. 13:4). The King of kings, Lord of lords is here and His transformation – The Great Day of the Lord - will take place in our lifetime.

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Note to Editor:
1. To view the historic video of the Man Christ Jesus announcing the exact date and details of His Transformation, watch: World Tracing (02/03/10:” The Lord’s Great Day”
2. For high-resolution editorial pictures please visit:
3. As of today’s release date, Feb 15, there are 866 days left to the day of His transformation.

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MovieMakerOnTheHill said...

Well, what can we say about a man who claims 66.6% of the earth would go underwater and his followers would fly and walk through walls, then leaves them all out to hang like laundry on a clothesline? He took off, disappeared with their money, pulled a Houdini, blasted off like a speeding rocket, took the highroad, did the invisible disco-shuffle, ran like a bat outta hell, screwed the puppy, kissed the baby, and proved he is worthless. I am having trouble finding any comments from his followers on the web. They are silent now, probably scratching their heads, still hoping he will come through. Have any jumped off roofs? I've no idea. Have any of them run into walls and hurt themselves? I've heard no news whatsoever. It's been 5 days since he ran off with their savings. Is he snorting all the coke he can snort, sharing it with his hookers? Has he bought enough horse to kill an entire ranch or horses? Perhaps he knows someone out there is angry enough to kill him. He made fools of quite a lot of people. His people were calling us fools for not buying into their nonsense. Now, he's nowhere to be found, smoking marijuana and off watching Cantiflas movies.They should have known. Videos exist where he says he is the devil, other videos says the devil does not exist. Videos exist where he said he was not the crucified Christ, then later he said he is the Christ from Nazareth. he just grew up a little, became a bit more independent from his heavenly father, oh, wait, he became the father too! Hmmm. How interesting. Well, Luis, someone out there is looking for you. Probably someone that put all their trust in you and gave you all his money. You probably don't care, but you should start caring. And you're damn well very lucky people can't walk through walls, otherwise they'd be invading your home with weapons of destruction. You can't show your greasy head in public anymore, can you? Being god now means you don't need your bodyguards anymore. "He that digs a pit for others falls into it himself." Eh, Luis? "Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap." Right, Luis? You sowed hell, that's what you're gonna reap. Foolish game you played, Miranda. But that's because you're a Baalzebub-like fool. Isn't that true .... Luis.