Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christian Groups Intensify Efforts Against U.N. Defamation Resolution

The hypocrisy that we see coming out of the Muslim world seems to know no end. Once again, various Muslim nations are pushing for the UN to vote on a so-called “Defamation of Religions” resolution. Upon close examination, however, it’s pretty transparent, however, that it’s mostly a “Defamation of Islam” resolution.

Of course, there is very little freedoms of religion in most Muslim nations, and in many such nations, those who convert from Islam to other religions – especially to Christianity – do so at the very risk of their lives. Chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel” and “Kill the Jews, Kill the Christians” are not uncommon in mosques in Muslim nations. So for them to introduce this Trojan horse of a resolution to supposedly prohibit defamation of religion – read “defamation of Islam – is the height of chutzpah and hypocrisy.

Thankfully, this time there seems to be more opposition to this bill from Christian organizations this year than in years past. Still, the temerity of these Muslim nations pushing this legislative atrocity in the UN is just breathtaking.

So what it boils down to is this: These people turn a blind eye to the atrocities taking place against Christians and other non-Muslims in their own countries…but they seem pretty thin-skinned when it comes to any speech that they feel “defames” their precious religion. 

Simply. Amazing. 

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A U.N. resolution that seeks to criminalize words and actions perceived as attacks against religion – particularly Islam – will be up for vote again this year.

This time, however, the U.N. Defamation of Religions resolution is picking up more opposition than in previous years and might not pass as it has in the past.

“The resolution lost support in the U.N. General Assembly vote during the last couple of years and we think this year may be the tipping point,” reported Christian persecution watchdog group Open Doors, which has launched a campaign to rally concerned individuals against the resolution.

“We need to encourage key countries to change their vote on this resolution, supporting the efforts of our State Department,” it added.

Annually sponsored by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) since 1999, the anti-defamation resolution – which has been presented in various forms and under various titles – seeks to make the "defamation of religions" a human rights violation.

According to the resolution, the "defamation of religions and incitement to religious hatred in general could lead to social disharmony and violations of human rights."

It also claims there is a “need to effectively combat defamation of all religions and incitement to religious hatred in general and against Islam and Muslims in particular."

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