Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Preview: Francis Chan Tackles 'Love Wins'

From Charisma News Online:
In response to Rob Bell's controversial Love Wins, David C. Cook is rushing out former pastor and best-selling author Francis Chan's third book.

Scheduled for release July 5, Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity and the Things We Make Up "promises to be both controversial and confessional, directly addressing a variety of views on hell, the Bible and God," Cook said.

Co-written by Bible college professor Preston Sprinkle, the book will offer a comprehensive and thorough study on God's character, Chan said. Erasing Hell "is not a book that tells you 'here's what you ought to believe,'" Chan said in a video trailer for the book. "It's a book that helps you think through all the evidence out there—all of what Scripture teaches—and come to your own conclusions. ... We can't afford to be wrong about this issue."
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I've watched the YouTube video preview of Francis Chan's upcoming book, Erasing Hell, and it looks promising. I certainly have what I believe to be a biblically sound view on this, so I dont expect or hope for this book to in any way shape my theology on this issue, but I actually look forward to this book being released. It seems like it will provide a good counterbalance to the Rob Bell's horribly heretical take on the issue and doctrine of hell. I dont think I'll be running out to buy Erasing Hell the day it's released, but I expect to get a hold of a copy soon enough. I hope it's as good as the preview video makes it seem it will be.

I especially like Chan's rationale and arguments about us humans needing to be careful not to try to subject the actions of the almighty God to our own human moral perspective. We should never forget we are mental, intellectual, and moral gnats compared to the mind and holiness of the God of Heaven. Anyway, the video speaks for itself. I certainly wont endorse the man's book before it's even released, but he seems to be already making some good points worth considering at this time.

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