Monday, June 06, 2011

Eddie Long... Thoughts On The Aftermath


Well, I’ve been away for a while, bogged down by some business-related commitments that have kept me away from the blog. It’s good to be back, and I’m ready to jump back on the horse again, so to speak.

The Eddie Long settlement story has been out for about ten days now, and in today’s fast moving news cycle that’s kind of a long time. However, since I’ve had a lot to say about this case from the beginning (see here, here, here, and here) I figured I’d at least have some concluding thoughts on this matter before I blog about some other stuff in the days and weeks to come.

As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, I’ve been fully convinced of Eddie Long’s homo-dealings for a while, being made aware of his extra-curricular shenanigans long before these accusations became public last year. If I was 100 percent sure he was guilty then, I’ve become 150 percent sure now, based on:

 1) his actions since the accusations became public, which to me are not the actions of an innocent man, but of a guilty man trying hard to make sure the truth doesn’t come out, and…
 2) other information I’ve been made aware of concerning Long and his down-low dirt,  -- and I’m talking about stuff that doesn’t even involve these four men who accused him.  Part of me wishes I could say more on that, because there’s a part of me that really, really wants to see this man exposed. All I’ll say on that is, Eddie’s dirt has been known here in Atlanta for a while, and he’d better hope no more of his dirt goes public.

Long would have been vindicated by the truth if he had nothing to hide. But paying off an accuser only conceals the truth. Why would an innocent man pay money to someone who has supposedly spread lies about him? Essentially he’d be rewarding liars and scoundrels. That by itself would be ungodly and unprincipled, since a true prophet of God would wait for the Lord to vindicate him.
David waited, while he was subject to persecution by Saul and other enemies, and he was vindicated by God. Of course, we know about Daniel and the lion’s den. God vindicated Daniel too, and caused his enemies to be destroyed. Joseph was thrown into an Egyptian prison over a false accusation, but God delivered him and elevated him to become the governor of Egypt. 

Indeed ,God says touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm (Psalm 105:15). If Eddie Long was this mighty and holy prophet of God. as his supporters have claimed for so long, he would have let this go to open court, let the accusers testify, given his supposedly truthful side of the story, and been vindicated in court. Then he could stand on the courthouse steps after the not guilty verdict and exult, rejoicing in this great victory delivered unto him by his God.

Of course that never happened, because Long, who famously claimed he had five stones and was getting ready to use them, decided to drop the stones and reach for the checkbook instead.

In reality, Eddie Long didn’t have any stones to throw. He knew it, and those of us who know about Eddie’s dirt knew it too. Long knew full well that there were people who could provide damaging testimony in court if they were every called to the witness stand. Therefore this case was never going to get to a court of law. Never.  I’ve been saying that from the very beginning.

These men accuse him of being an adulterer, liar, and homosexual/bisexual predator… and he ends up agreeing to pay them money??!!! Really?
No true prophet of God pays hush money to those who are making false accusations against him. None. It just doesn’t happen. What we’ve seen here is just damage control plain and simple.

Furthermore, do church members want their money to be paying off [supposedly] false accusers? No. Even if, as it’s believed, the bulk of the reported multi-million dollar settlement is paid by insurance money, that would still normally cause the insurance company to increase the church’s future insurance premiums – causing the church members to be paying more over time to offset the significant payout being given to these supposed liars. Would church members want that? Of course not. And no shepherd would want that for his flock either. Either way, it’s an increased financial burden on the church. Why would an innocent “man of God” even want his church to take a financial hit over some scurrilous false accusations that damaged his reputation and dragged the church’s name through the mud? (Maybe because the accusations aren’t false?)

So now, money is being distributed; and confidentiality clauses are in place so both sides will just keep quiet and move on; and essentially the truth is concealed. And now it’s over. At least Eddie Long hopes it’s over. Frankly he’d better hope it really is over. Unfortunately, I personally would not be surprised if we later see another chapter in this story later on. I have rock solid reason to believe there are more than just these 4 young men that have had “dealings” with Eddie Long, so to speak. If even one more person comes out and sues, or even just tells his story to the media, then what? Will Long just say this person is lying too? Is everybody lying except Eddie? Or is Eddie the one lying?

Essentially, this man’s words have said one thing, but his actions have said another. Not only has he brought shame on himself, but his actions have put Christianity as a whole in a negative light. He's simply given the enemies of God more reason to mock Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the end, what’s done in the darkness will come to light. Time reveals all things. I just feel bad for the sheeple at New Birth who still support this man. May God pour out a spirit of discernment on all among them who really have a heart to seek God.

Of course, at the end of the day, one can’t help but be concerned with Eddie Long’s soul. If Eddie Long is lying, as many of us are convinced he is, then he’s still got to get it right before he leaves this world. Any man who takes a lie with him to the grave and into eternity is going to have to give account for himself, and will find himself staring into the face of an angry God on that great day. At this time, Eddie Long doesn’t seem inclined to confess or repent of anything. And that could be the biggest tragedy of all in this whole story.

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