Friday, July 29, 2011

Eddie Logn's Mystery 5th Accuser Revealed by the Media

Well, it finally happened... and I'm a little surprised it took this long. In some of my previous posts on the Eddie Long story I have not only called out Eddie Long for his lying and hypocritical ways, but I’ve also at times made guarded, perhaps cryptic, references to the fact that there were more than those four publicly known accusers out there. I knew of at least one more (#5), and had reason to believe there are still others. Even after the $ettlement, it seemed only a matter of time before another chapter would be written to the story.

Well thanks to Fox5 News Atlanta, I no longer have to speak cryptically about this hidden accuser #5. Of course, by now its well know that they ran a story two days ago revealing more information on accuser number 5,  Centino Kemp, and are reporting info that can only paint Eddie Long in a more damaging light (deservedly so). Let’s hear the Eddie Long defenders come out now and defend this wolf in sheep’s clothing. God can and definitely does use even the ungodly to accomplish His aims, and I’m starting to wonder is God is not simply using these people and circumstances to remove the fa├žade off that sham that was, and is, Eddie Long and his so-called “ministry”.

From the Fox Atlanta story : "One lawyer familiar with the case confirmed Kemp was involved and was "different from the other young men," "one piece of the puzzle that never fit," and he made the case "more difficult." 

Kemp was indeed "different" from the other accusers because, unlike the others who are straight men who admitted to having being involved in some gay activity with Long, Kemp is openly gay with a rather effeminate appearance. Even Stevie Wonder could see that this guy is gay.And my understanding off the record is that Kemp was not claiming (at least initially) to have been coerced into sexual activity with Long, but rather that he was a willing participant in a gay relationship with Long. Very different situation, to be sure.  I happen to know that Mr. Kemp possessed rock solid evidence of this “relationship”, although of course,  but of course I’m sure this is all now buried under the non-disclosure provisions of the $ettlement agreement.

Unless someone surreptitiously leaks this evidence, the public will never know the details. But trust me, Bishop Long was NEVER going to let this case go to trial. The evidence against Long was a proverbial 'slam dunk'. He can still claim some kind of deniability now, since the facts are covered up, but if these young men had testified against him in court, he and his so-called “ministry” would have been dead meat, and he knows it. 

Of course, one telling "clue" that Kemp has carried around with him is a tattoo on his arm that reads "Eddie Long, Never a Mistake, Only a Lesson"

I mean seriously, why would a gay man tattoo another man’s name on his body unless…well, you figure that one out.

I’ve been beating the Eddie Long drum on and off since last fall when this story broke, and frankly I don’t feel like spending a whole lot more time on this. I normally don’t spend a lot of time and energy talking about some court/legal issue that’s out in public unless a) I either know someone involved in the case and/or b) I happen to have received privileged information that has given me inside knowledge of some of the particulars of this case.

Many bloggers and others have sounded the trumpet regarding Eddie Long and his secret-that's-not-really-a-secret for some time now, but one can only sound the trumpet for so long. Some people just don't want to hear it, period (see link here and here). At this point if people at his church still want to hold on to this notion that Eddie Long is an innocent, falsely accused “man of God”, then that’s on them. As the saying goes: there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. I don't know why this man still even has members in his church.  Here we have an unrepentant "pastor" that's lying to his congregation, and these people sit there like happy sheep, and to them everything is just 'all good'? Really? The lack of discernment among professing "Christians" today is just astonishing sometimes.

I do wonder though, does Creflo Dollar think this is just another “wreck”? Does Creflo still want ex-members of new Birth to go back to this train-wreck of a “pastor”? And if Creflo had a teenage son right now, would he want his son spending private time, and taking overseas trips with Eddie Long, as these accusers did? I think the answer would be a resounding NO, and the reason is obvious.
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