Monday, July 04, 2011

Upstate NY Store Only Sells Items Made in the USA

This is one of those ideas that could really take off... or could just remain a novelty. But either way, I like it.

The NY Post has an intriguing story of an Mark Andol, an upstate NY entrepreneur whose store only sells items 100% made in the USA. Not surprisingly, business has been good, to the point that he's thinking of establishing branches of his store in other states. I applaud this guy for his creativity -- I'm surprised I've never heard of anyone doing this before  -- but also for his patriotism. Too many of our jobs are going overseas. I'm tired of calling US companies (America Online... Citibank...Sallie Mae to name a few) and find myself speaking to a customer service rep in India. "And as much as I love a bargain, it does bother me sometimes to consider that very most of the time nothing I'm wearing is made in the USA. There are times I do think I'd be willing to pay a bit more for something that's made by American workers.

That's why I think Mark Andol's idea is brilliant. His once-little store is now a fast growing success. He started last year with 50 different products in his store and now carries 3,000 products. I'd love to see him open a branch here in Atlanta, GA. I'd he happy to support him and support American jobs and American families with my consumer dollars. Now if only this could become a movement, that would be a good thing. I'd love to see other merchants do the same thing. I'm sure this idea would gain traction, and many Americans nationwide would love to by from "Made-In-America-Only" type stores. Will this idea take off? Hard to say, but one can always dream.

PS... Happy Fourth of July to all!!
Article from the New York Post:
Got it made - in America
'USA only' store does a booming biz


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A hardworking upstate welder got so fed up with losing work to overseas competition and being forced to lay off his own relatives that he decided to forge a new business -- a sprawling, Walmart-style store that peddles products entirely made in America.

Store owner Mark Andol says his proudly named Made in America business is defying hard economic times and thriving in Elma, near Buffalo. It's become a must-see for the tour-bus hordes heading to and from Niagara Falls.

"I always supported America. So I wanted to try something a little crazy," said Andol, 47, a married father of four. "People told me it would never work. No one wanted to buy American anymore."

But at the grand opening of his store last year, 800 people stormed through the doors.

"Everyone was shaking my hand and crying," Andol said. "People lost trust in the system. This gives them hope."

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