Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fallout Continues Over Latest Eddie Long Video/Travesty

So Mr. Eddie Long is in the news again, and has created quite a buzz over being anointed "king" over at New Birth Church here in Atlanta.

One can read articles here and here for more detailed coverage of the fallout. But as for me, just a few random thoughts on this whole traveshamockery (travesty, sham, mockery) here...

1:08 of the video: the rabbi is gonna "pull off the foreskin of this"? Pause.  Really? A poor choice of words, to say the least, considering what many believe/know Eddie Long to have been involved with. A cringeworthy moment to be sure. It would almost be funny if it weren't so ironic. 

The New Testament makes no provision for the office of “King” in the church, the body of Christ. Eddie Long knows the Bible well enough to know better. The NT tells us God has appointed apostles, pastors, evangelists, prophets and teachers in His church, not a King. Jesus Christ is the only king. Enough said on that.

It baffles me that anyone still looks up to this man as pastor. And I think it’s a fairly safe guess that at least some of E. Long’s members have the Holy Ghost; or so I assume.  Is discernment dead/dying among people who supposedly have the Spirit of God in them?

I wonder if Creflo Dollar still thinks people should stay at Long's church, or go back there if they left?

This E. Long debacle will probably only get worse before it ever starts to get any better. Supposedly there are 2 books coming out, or at least beign worked on, by 3 of his former accusers. Early incications are that they could be quite scandalous indeed. Whether you’reis Full Gospel Baptist, Charismatic (or whatever E.Long and New Birth identify themselves as) or not, Eddie Long is still a prominent representative of “church” and Christianity”, whether or not we agree with him on a certan dortinral points. As God said to David after his dalliance with Bathsheba was exposed “You have caused the enemies of God to blaspheme”. And Eddie Long, has done the same. He continues to bring shame and ridicule to the name and the cause of Christ, and just makes the job that much harder for those who want to lead sinners to the saving Gospel of Christ. This man is a like a tumor in the body of Christendom, and one can only hope he somehow gets his mind right, before he finds himself facing the wrath of an angry God. Indeed, Eddie Long is in a scary and dangerous place right now. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to know it. Quite sad.  

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