Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Eddie Long Saga Continues... Creflo Dollar Jumps Into the Mix. (He shouldnt have)

I thought I was done with the Eddie Long story. I really did. I wanted to be done with it. I really did. But here we go again. This story isn’t quite done.  I figured there’d be an epilogue to this story at some point, but I didn’t expect to see it so soon. It now turns out Rev Creflo Dollar, Pastor of World Changers Church here in Atlanta, has jumped in with his two cents. Frankly, I think he should have kept his two cents in his pocket.

I’ve never been a fan of Creflo Dollar, although I’ve never gone out of my way to speak him. As a matter of fact, Im pretty sure this is the first time I’ve had an on this blog that focused on him or even mentioned him.  I’ve personally had some issues with Creflo Dollar for some fairly outrageous statements he’s made in times past. But my respect for him has diminished even further now that he’s decided to speak out in support of Bishop Eddie Wrong/ Long, telling people at his church who came from New Birth Ministries that they need to go back to Eddie Long’s church. Insane. Simply insane.

Dollar repeatedly refers to Eddie Long's deeds as a wreck. But being an adulterer, homo/bisexual predator, and liar who covers up his misdeeds and pays off his accusers is not having “a wreck”! To simply refer to all that as a wreck is to trivialize the serious nature of the transgressions in question here. God only knows the spiritual damage this whole ordeal has inflicted upon thousands of New Birth members and former members.

However, Mr. Dollar is almost making it seem like those who’ve left the poisonous spiritual atmosphere at Eddie Long’s church are the ones who’re wrong… rather than Eddie Long himself.

“If you from that church that you know what I’m talkin’ bout and you tryin’ to join here I don’t want you here! That is my friend! That is my brother in the Lord! And if you came from there, you get on back over there where you s’posed to be and do what you s’posed to be doin’!”"

Really? Defending your “friend” is more important than looking out for those who’ve been damaged by this shady behavior??

In case Creflo Dollar (or his defenders) is missing the point, let me make this clear. Pastors have constant access to children and young people. And many of the parents in at New Birth, especially single mothers of sons, considered it a good thing that Eddie Long took a special interest n their sons. Now many of them are horrified to think of what Bishop Long did, orr may have done, to their child. It's about potential child abuse! Why's it so hard for people to see that that's the whole point here?  If a pastor is questionable when it comes to his possible sexual interactions with young people, that is a  big problem. I bet you Creflo Dollar wouldn't feel comfortable having his son doing a sleepover over at Eddie Long's house; I can guarantee you that. 

Sure. Blame those who feel like they need to leave an unhealthy spiritual environment, Creflo. Focus on them rather than on Eddie Long’s shady behavior. Real smart. 

Two words for you, Creflo: NOT. HELPING!

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