Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Churches back plan to unite under Pope

I cant even begin to emphasize how important I think this story is. This might be one of the biggest news stories to hit this weekend, although the mainstream media gave this stuff a collective yawn, as always.

The Times of London is reporting that Anglican and Catholic leaders are proposing to unite both churches under the Pope. Bible prophecy-watchers have been expecting something like this for some time now.

Why is this a big deal? Long story short: The Bible has long prophesied of the Antichrist to come, and Revelation 13 speaks of his partner in evil, one called the False Prophet. These 2 men are the leaders of a united world political system, and unified religious system also (commonly referred to as the One World Government and One World Religion). Many prophecy watchers (myself included) expect the World Religion to be centered in Rome, under the Pope. So its been interesting for some time now that there have been rumblings for some time of the breakaway denominations coming "back to Rome" unifying with the Roman Church.

Whatever is done in the dark comes to light eventually. Watch for more of talk of "unification" of different "Christian"denominations. And watch for churches to embrace the Roman Church all over again. This breaking down of the walls between denominations and religions is just a further step in the fulfillment of last days prophecy. It's a shame more people dont realize that.

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