Thursday, June 30, 2011

Article: The 5 Worst Places To Be When The Dollar Collapses

It will happen. As sure as night follows day, you can count on it. The collapse of the US dollar now is virtually inevitable. has an interesting article dealing with the 5 worst places to be when it happens.

Israel, Southern California, England, New York City and Washington DC are listed here as the five places that will feel the impact the most, although, of course, the impact will be felt world wide. The Democrats will blame the Republicans, and the Republicans will blame the Democrats. Etc, etc. But in the end, maybe WE are to blame, for not demanding financial responsibility and balanced budgets from our leaders.

Between our ridiculous budget deficits, trade deficits, a dollar that's at growing risk of losing status as the de facto world reserve currency, and other factors, the likelihood of an economic collapse of biblical proportions seems to be growing almost daily. I hate to say "I told you so", but I'm convinced that, unfortunately,  the day will come when many of us who have been sounding the alarm on this issue for years will end up saying just that. At this point, I see no reason to believe that our leaders in Washington will start doing the right thing all of a sudden. And our compliant mainstream media wont even ask the tough questions on this issue during this upcoming presidential campaign, just as they didn't in the previous election campaign... or the one before that.

In my view, the fate of the dollar is all but sealed. Sad, to say the least.


By Silver Shield,on June 23rd, 2011

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money.

Our wealth, our work, our food, our government, even our relationships are affected by money. No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one.

All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to. This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies, as they are fundamentally no different. The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets. The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide. (Read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield to protect yourself from this collapse.)

Thanks to the globalization and the giant vampire squids of the Anglo-American Empire,the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It supports the global economy in settling foreign trade, most importantly the Petro Dollar trade. This money is recycled through the City of London (not to be confused with London) and New York. This fuels our corporate vampires that acquires and harvests the wealth of the world.

The corporate powers suppress REAL assets like natural resources and labor to provide themselves massive profits. This Fascist, Statist, Collectivist model provides the money into the economy to fund an ever increasing federal government. That government then grows larger and larger enriching its minions with jobs to control their fellow citizens. Finally, to come full circle, the government then controls other nations through the Military Industrial Complex.

This cycle will be cut when the mathematically and inevitable collapse of the dollar occurs.

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